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Selected topic: "10 signs that you are addicted to writing"

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

"Writing can be a wonderful activity that can bring joy and satisfaction, but sometimes it can become an obsession. Here are 10 signs that you are addicted to writing:

1. You spend hours typing, staring at the keyboard and staring at the monitor, forgetting to eat or drink water.

2. You're happiest when you get a new agenda, journal, or a writing set.

3. You spend your free time reading and analyzing other authors' texts instead of enjoying outdoor walks or other social activities.

4. You can't go anywhere without a notebook or a diary in your pocket.

5. You spend time reviewing and editing your writing, even after you've published it or sent it to an editor.

6. You love getting feedback from others on your writing, and constructive criticism makes you feel more motivated to write.

7. You're obsessed with hitting your daily word or page count, regardless of the topic you're tackling.

8. You are always ready to write anything from poetry to press articles, at any time of the day or night.

9. You love to share your thoughts and ideas through writing, more than any other form of communication.

10. You agree that writing is not just an activity, it is your way of life.

If you fit more than half of these signs, congratulations, you're addicted to writing! But don't worry, because writing can be a fantastic way to express your thoughts and feelings. Keep writing with passion and joy, and let your creativity guide you on this wonderful adventure!"

If you enjoyed the bullshit above, I'm sorry - I didn't write it. After I got out of the bathroom, dragging on the floor a paper napkin that Tano (he's my furry muse, a 30 kilos bearded "bichon") had brought me, I started to chat with this AI chat robot. I told him to write something, no matter what (because I didn't feel like racking my brain in this moment), and what you see above came out.

1. On the first issue, I tend to consider him (it?) right (this despite the fact that I notice that I don't have a paragraph here to use - well, I don't have the proper quotation marks either, but that's it, we must use what we have): joy/ satisfaction/ obsession. When you're obsessed you're happy and satisfied - I can't help it, it's an accumulation problem. You indulge yourself, whether it's food, clothes, or words, like the obsessed (because you can't do otherwise) - after so much effort, you're clearly satisfied. You forget to eat and drink water because no, clap-clap for scrap (as my father used to say). It is natural that you forget.

2. Well, how can you not be - even if they are not good for anything you can draw in them when you pretend to work. You write on student notebooks or loose papers anyway - they are more uncomfortable and give you a sense of sacrifice.

3. I suspect him of looking at my face and being a bit fooled. Or, if you do read (no, you don't analyze shit, you read for your own pleasure...) are you obsessive and strange?

4. I think he/ it has the pockets of Augustus the Fool. How the hell do you put a copybook in your pocket?!

5. Of course it does. Moreover, it is also obvious from a brief analysis of the author's portrait. You can admire the portrait a little above.

6. Sure. I love it when someone hits the fence with a stick... That's what it was all about, right?

7. Does he have an obsession? Let's crochet words and weave pages.

8. I am ready, yes , Sir, I am! Anyway, I'm going to write something about how to raise dragonflies right now. Or, even better, about the Art of Nothing. Therefore: Nothing is not a negative state. It is a positive one. Nothing means freedom from attachment, expectation, judgment, and stress. Nothing means openness to possibility, creativity, awareness, and peace. Nothing means being present at the moment without worrying about the past or the future. Nothing is not boring. It is interesting. Nothing allows us to experience life fully without distractions or filters. Nothing prevents us from appreciating the beauty and wonder of everything that surrounds us. Nothing allows us to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level. Nothing pushes you to be obsessed. You can be obsessed with nothing just as Nothing can be obsessed with you. A pink elephant with pockets just passed by. He had notebooks and pencils in his pockets. It was more old-fashioned, but pencils weren't just for writing. Since he had large ears, like cabbage leaves, he scratched them from time to time. The elephant was obsessed with pink and ears. But his ears, lined with fine fluff, contained the very Nothing that he thought was lost in his pockets. He sighed and said: Nothing is easy. It's a challenge. Nothing requires discipline, courage, and patience. All you need is a pencil to scratch you with.

9. Yes. The thing is, sometimes I talk at the same time...

10. At point 10 I have to go back to the AI Chat robot for some clarification.

I don't worry... Why should I?

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